Unfortunately, injuries happen all the time no matter your age. Whether it is basketball practice, a skiing incident, or simply a fall, bones can fracture and it’s important to take the right steps. Many parents worry that they will not know what to do if their kids break a bone, so we have compiled a list of essential information on how to react if an injury happens.

1.   Call 911! If you suspect someone has broken a bone in their hips, upper legs, pelvis, head, neck, or back it is impertinent you call emergency personnel. Also be sure to call if you are not sure, or there is severe bleeding. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


2.   Do not move the person. Unless you are an EMT or appropriate medical personnel, you do not know if moving the injured person will cause more harm. You could injure the broken bone even more. If you know with 100% certainty the bone is stable, you can move them, but again- it is better to be safe than sorry.


3.   Specifically, according to the National Health Institute, do not move a person with an injured hip, pelvis, or upper leg unless it is absolutely necessary. If you must move the person, pull the person to safety by his clothes (such as by the shoulders of a shirt, a belt, or pant-legs). Otherwise, you can risk paralyzing the injured person.


4.   Do not attempt to straighten the bone out. You might be able to tell if a bone is broken just from the looks of it, however, touching the bone might cause more harm and pain. Also, do not EVER try to reposition any bones on your own. Unless you are a medical professional, you’ll probably do more harm than good.


5.   If the injured person is a kid, they might not tell you the pain they are in. After an accident, watch their reactions to weight placed on their arms or legs. If they struggle, assume they have broken a bone and seek medical help.


Hopefully you don’t know anyone who will break a bone, but just incase, it’s always important to be prepared. If you follow these steps you will know what to do and what not to do. If a bone is indeed broken, your doctor might request you get an MRI. This will indicate exactly what bones are broken and allow you to start recovery! Schedule your appointment today!