With 31.7 % of children and 35.7% of adults being overweight or obese, Madison Medical Clinic believes that educating people about adopting healthier lifestyles and making better food choices will help to make a difference in the growing obesity epidemic; which is one of the reasons why the F.I.T program was created.  The clinic is promoting the program to their patients, as well as, any residents in the Madison and Norfolk areas that are looking to start living healthier.

F.I.T, standing for Family Invested Together, is a fitness and health program that was created by Madison Medical Clinic.  The program is designed to inspire you and your family to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  They feature fitness classes like ZUMBA, which is in high demand and the most popular.  The ZUMBA class is a program that combines Latin music and easy dance moves, making the work-out fun and exciting.  Most importantly, our favorite part, about the class, is that you don’t feel like your working out, because it is so much fun!

Not only do they have all these programs for adults, they have a Youth Fit program for kids, from K-8, to promote a healthy lifestyle of physical activity and healthy food choices.  Along with the classes, they offer free childcare for children under 4 years old, so “I have to watch the kids” is no longer an excuse!

This program is FREE to all!  There will be a donation jar present and donations are always welcome and encouraged.  The classes are every Monday and Thursday, starting at 7 p.m., at the Madison City Auditorium, located at 209 S. Lincoln Street, Madison, NE 68748. 

Northeast Nebraska Imaging is proud to highlight an amazing clinic and their F.I.T program.  For more information on the F.I.T program, you can e-mail Kat Runnels krunnels@nchcc.com