Norfolk is pleased to welcome Dr. Russell Degroote to the Northeast Nebraska community. Having arrived in March from Colorado, Dr. Degroote has already found his niche at Faith Regional Health Services as a prestigeous orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Degroote graduated from the University of Calgary Medical School in Alberta, Canada, having been admitted to the program after completing only two years of undergraduate study. His practice led him to Colorado and then West Virginia before he finally settled in Norfolk this spring. As a Canadian Board Certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Degroote has researched alternative treatments such as platelet rich plasma for chronic tendon injuries while remaining dedicated to his use of cutting edge technology in the treatment of shoulder, knee and elbow injuries.
His hobbies include sports such as hockey and running; driving him to work with aging athletes, developing treatment plans that focus on nutrition and strength training while minimizing the risk of re-injury, so that athletes can get back to doing what they love. Apart from his practice, Dr. Degroote serves as an orthopedic consultant for professional hockey teams such as the St. Louis Blues and the Calgary Flames, drawing from his extensive experience in medicine and his passion for sports. Dr. Degroote is also dedicated to increasing the popularity of hockey throughout the communities he works in.
You can find Dr. Degroote’s practice at ProSportsMD, located in the Medical Offices North, 301 N. 27th Street, Suite 5 and read more about Dr. Degroote in the Norfolk Daily News.