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Maybe we’ve watched too many sci-fi films, but we feel like technology is becoming so deeply ingrained into our minds and bodies that eventually we’ll all have an exterior metal shell and converse in binary code. Luckily, we haven’t gotten to that point, but there is a growing percentage of technology that is serving a significant role in our lives. Wearable technology is changing the way we view our health and helping us make lifestyle modifications.

Here are some of the most useful wearable tech for healthcare:


Move over clunky fitness bands, this is a fitness ring except way cooler. Some of the perks of this ring include: titanium design, Bluetooth capability, and an app for your phone. MOTIV can track your movement, count steps, calculate sleep patterns, and monitor your heart rate. It is definitely waterproof and can function under any wet conditions. Why buy a MOTIV ring? MOTIV can basically do all of the things your fitness band can, but it’ll do them in a more stylish manner. Is it just us or do this band look like something from a Bond movie?


2. Aira

Aira is a truly ingenious wearable tech. Aira offers a sense of guidance and vision to the blind or visually impaired. These are glasses with a camera attachment, which live streams footage to a remote agent. The agent can assist the wearer with anything from crossing the road to picking a restaurant to eat at. The best part is it’s totally affordable. For only $89 a month a user can get 100 minutes of assistance.


3. Owlet Smart Sock 2

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 isn’t a sock for adults, it’s for infants. This sock monitors your infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels to protect it from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome while looking so darn cute. It connects to an app on your phone and alerts you if there is any irregular activity. This tech is really taking baby monitoring to the next level. It’s already saved a life.


These wearable innovations are shaping the future of at-home healthcare and giving technology an altruistic purpose. Northeast Nebraska Imaging is excited to see what upcoming wearable tech will be combined with MRI technology. Perhaps it’ll be a retina controlled VR headset that’ll enable you to play video games during your scan. Make an appointment and let us hear all of your crazy theories!