While a MRIs are extremely safe, there’s a little more risk using a contrast scan. Diagnoses require particularly clear images, so a doctor might suggest a contrast MRI, meaning an injection of a stable carbon isotope to help move the atoms (which is what the magnet in an MRI does).

Researchers now think that they may be able to replace that sometimes toxic chemical with a natural substance: pyruvic acid.

Pyruvic acid is already made naturally in the human body (it’s a result of breaking down glucose).

The experiment consisted of injecting this acid into a mouse and then getting an MRI scan of the brain. The result was a detailed spatial and temporal resolution “to the point of tracking the metabolism of pyruvic acid” in the brain. Amazing!

The medical community expects this new process to cut down on appointment times and costs while also improving the image quality.

Our goal is to get you the best MRI possible, the safest way possible.

You can read the full article from Medical News Today about the different types of MRIs here.