The sun is still out to play, and so are we. We’re not letting allergies hold us back this season, because we’re too excited to enjoy the last bits of warm weather and brighter colors. It’s also the best time to get into some healthier habits, so we collected some easy tips thanks to that we want to share:

  1. Heat Therapy: Before and after a workout, applying ah eat pad can reduce muscle strain and prevent cramping.
  2. Stretch: Again, before and after a workout, you should focus on the big muscles first (quads and hamstrings in your thighs, for example) and then stretch your whole body.
  3. Sleep: I know a lot of us probably can’t remember we had a good night’s sleep, but having a sleep routine and drinking/eating appropriately before bed (no caffeine) can really help strengthen your body.
  4. Move Around: Whether you take a lap around your house or lap around your block, movement is important. Even doing something relaxing and productive like gardening or working, sitting in one position can create aches and slowed blood flow. You should move and stretch every half hour, even if it’s just stretching at your desk.

What are some of your favorite stretches? Tell us in the comments.

Not sure if you have one? Stephanie Burke, who wrote the article, has some links to some great ones here, on