If you’re a Blue Cross Blue Shield policyholder in Nebraska in need of an MRI, your life got a lot more difficult on September 1st. From September 1st on, patients of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) will no longer be considered as in-network if they are BCBS policyholders. The decision came after the 130-day negotiations between both companies failed to result in a compromise. The argument of rates versus care was the source of the conflict between the two companies. BCBS’s proposed goal was to cut costs for area patients. The insurance provider wanted to ensure that CHI’s network was priced more comparably to other area providers, some of whose prices are almost 30% cheaper. In contrast, CHI argued that quality of care should be taken into account when comparing prices. CEO Cliff Robertson felt that the proposals submitted by BCBS “intend(ed) to maintain and lower costs, with no concern for quality”. With both companies unwilling to budge, a split was inevitable. BCBS patients must now decide whether to start over with a new healthcare provider or continue to receive care at CHI at much higher costs.

Despite CHI’s attempts to work closely with their current patients to minimize these drastic out-of-pocket cost increases, the outcome of BCBS vs. CHI will undoubtedly result in inflated prices, patient frustration and confusion.

For patients seeking cheap MRI’s that aren’t thrilled about these drastic price increases for procedures, Northeast Nebraska Imaging provides an affordable and stress-free alternative. All Blue Cross Blue Shield policyholders are still considered in-network at our center, and we strive to maintain positive relationships with each of our insurance providers to ensure that situations like this do not occur.

Northeast Nebraska Imaging offers MRI’s for patients with the promise of both affordability and quality care.  Patients at Northeast Nebraska Imaging will pay approximately half what they would pay at CHI as an out-of-network patient for MRI’s, and are guaranteed the same high quality care.

For information about the MRI process, to schedule a procedure, or to discuss pricing options, please contact us at (402) 844-8187.