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We all know someone who has had cancer. It’s a disease that impacts so many people’s lives, it’s something that we all try and avoid. Yet, the chances of a person getting cancer in their lifetime are higher than ever. Everyone wants to lessen their risk for developing cancer, and the time to start is now. Let’s get started:

1.     Don’t smoke tobacco

This has been proven time and again that it’s one of the worst activities you can do for your body. It doesn’t just increase your risk for lung cancer, it increases your risk for ALL cancers. The best way to not smoke tobacco is to not even start smoking in the first place. However, if you are already a smoker make it a point to quit smoking. Whatever it takes, just do it!

2.     Get your immunizations

Immunizations you should be getting include: the hepatitis B, and HPV vaccine. Both of these diseases can increase your risk for cancers significantly.

3.     Stay at a healthy body weight

This means indulging in nutritious foods like, leafy green vegetables, vitamin rich fruit, and healthy fats. It also means vigorous exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. These activities will fight cancerous cells in the body, and make you feel stronger.

4.     Wear sun protection

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Wearing sun protection doesn’t just mean wearing sunscreen, it’s about covering exposed areas in harsh sunlight. You should also avoid midday sun, which takes place from 11AM- 3PM.

5.     Get routine medical care

Make a promise to yourself to get an annual check up with your primary care doctor. Also, if you are a woman over 40 make sure to get a mammogram once a year. And for men, and women, over 50 get screened for colon cancer. These acts will ensure that you are at your healthiest, and will prevent cancer.

If you want to prevent cancer one of the best methods is getting an MRI! At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we provide over 14 types of MRI’s. Book your appointment with us today!