Elections happened this past week, and there are a lot of people out there who are pleased and just as many who are wishing things went a different way. You may not have been able to control the results of elections in your state, but when it comes to healthcare there are a few decisions you do have control over.

1) If you live in Nebraska, you may or may not have been able to control the decision on whether or not to increase minimum wage. You CAN, however, control the decision to decrease your medical procedure costs. Don’t feel like you have to go to the nearest hospital and pay whatever they tell you to pay. When you’re searching for a procedure, let’s say you need an MRI, you have the right to compare prices and quality costs for hospitals/centers in your area to determine what the lowest price available for your procedure is. SaveOnMedical is a great resource for this.

2) Unhappy about who was elected into the House? It’s alright. You can decide which house to head to for your medical procedures. Picking a center is difficult, here’s a list of things you should keep in mind when trying to choose where to receive care:


Quality of Care




Staff attitude

Overall Atmosphere

It’s important to find a center that not only offers the procedures you need, but that fits with your personality, values, and budget as well. At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we believe in affordability. We believe in having personal relationships with your patients. We believe in comfort and quality. We believe in doing whatever we can to make what can be a scary experience into something positive and enjoyable. We believe our patients deserve these things, and the customers that we want to attract are patients who believe in the same things too.