December 1st-7th is national Hand-washing Awareness Week. I think we can all agree that exercising proper hand-washing techniques is instrumental in protecting yourself from germs and illness, especially during this Winter season. It’s during this time of year that some of the stronger germs seem to come out of hiding, and unless you want to spend Christmas strewn across your bathroom floor or lying fevered in bed, we recommend re-educating yourself about hand-washing and making sure that you apply it in your life and for your family as well. Most of us know the drill. We were given the lecture by our parents way back when we were children, and for many the words still stick:

“Wet your hands with running water…warm is better.”

“Apply soap.”

“Rub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds…try singing your ABC’s a couple times as a reference point.”

“Rinse your hands, and rinse them well!”

“Make sure to dry your hands, and try not to touch the faucet or door handle after washing your hands.”

I know for a fact that even though I can repeat each of these rules by memory, I’m sometimes guilty of breaking them. We all are! Sometimes we touch the faucet after washing our hands, completely defeating the point of even washing our hands in the first place. Other times we’re guilty of only washing them for five seconds, or even ten, rather than 20. Did we die because of it? No. But in the end it’s still important to try to stick to the rules as much as possible when it comes to hand-washing.

If your kids are sick of hearing you badger them about the proper hand-washing techniques, try teaching them a different way! There are lots of fun graphics out there that get the point across, and there are also so fun video as well like these ones.