According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States there are only approximately 194,000 people employed as Radiologic Technologist’s. That pretty much makes meeting one of us as rare as running into a Leprechaun or stumbling upon a unicorn during a walk through the woods. So lets preface this whole post by saying: if you’ve been lucky enough to know a Radiologic Technologist in your life, then you’re probably kind of a big deal. That being said, we’ve noticed that just because there’s a small number of RadTech’s out there doesn’t mean people don’t talk about us. There are a lot of stereotypes about RadTech’s out there, both from people in the medical field and just normal people as well. As I was browsing around on the Internet, I thought I’d sit down and collect some of the different stereotypes about RadTech’s in one place, just so all my fellow RadTech’s could get an idea about the type of person they are.

I have to admit, I found some of the stereotypes pretty funny, and I’m sure you will too! You may find yourself, much like me, suffering from a bit of an identity crisis after reading this list, but don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of time to adopt these habits so we can fit in with our stereotypes.

Stereotype 1: We’re obsessed with cats. But specifically only at night, of course.

Stereotype 2: We’re incredibly trustworthy. While this may be true for some of you, I’d say it’s a sweeping generalization that may leave some people disappointed.

Stereotype 3: We’re not only extraordinarily insightful, we’re also a little cliché and hopelessly romantic.

Stereotype 4: We are most definitely NOT the nurse. Still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Stereotype 5: We never cry. EVER. We actually legitimately lack tear ducts and the emotional capacity to bring forth a single tear.

Stereotype 6: Ok so this one might actually be true…

Stereotype 7: We have poor people skills, so poor that we actually picked a field specifically so we could avoid talking to them as much as possible.

It’s ok though, because we’re also…