According to the Census Bureau’s 2011 Current Population Survey, there were 49.9 million uninsured individuals in 2010, or 16.3% of the total population. The growth of the uninsured population can be largely contributed to the loss of employer-provided coverage, which includes both unemployment and benefit cuts. Today only 55.3% of Americans receive health insurance through their employers while in 2000, 64.1% of the population received healthcare benefits. As the uninsured populations grows, families and individuals are forced to make important decisions regarding the price they are willing to pay for adequate care.

This rise in the uninsured populations has not spared Nebraska, as the same rise is apparent due to the increased burden that insurance costs small businesses, farmers and individuals. The University of Nebraska Medical Center estimates that 217,100 Nebraskans were uninsured in 2010 suggesting that the uninsured populations over the last decade has increased by 67%. The Medicaid expansions is projected to cover an additional 108,000 to 145,000 residents of Nebraska, many coming from rural counties that have fewer companies able to afford employee benefits.

The recent Medicaid expansion promises the first step to creating a long-term solution for the problems in healthcare that affect such a large population. However, it is still important for those that are uninsured and that need quality care to price shop and research what options are best for them. Websites such as allows a patient to search what provider can tend to their needs while also fitting within their budget. If being uninsured and paying out of pocket concerns you, you can let you view our center’s pricing as well as schedule your next imaging appointment.

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