September 14th marks the opening of the 20th anniversary of the PATCH health fair!  The fair will run September 14th-15th at the Cox Activity Center on the Northeast Community College campus.  PATCH stands for Planned Approach to Community Health.  The health fair will be decorated with patchwork quilts to symbolize the importance of each vendor participating in the fair for being the essential pieces to a healthy lifestyle.

The PATCH health fair is meant to provide quality information to the general public about their health, promoting healthier lifestyle choices.  Over two days, there will be various activities, health screenings, and educational exhibits.  Many people do not visit their doctors frequently enough to get certain necessary screenings done.  The health fair will help these gain access to these screenings and quality physicians, helping them keep an eye on their health, because it is important!

This year’s health fair is exciting because it is the 20th anniversary!  Everyone working on this year’s fair is extremely excited and hopes to make it the best fair yet.  The vendors are strongly encouraged to decorate their booths this year and show how their company or business is promoting a healthy lifestyle and why they keep the PATCH health fair expanding year after year.

A huge benefit of this year’s fair is the free health screenings you can get.  The screenings include; blood pressure, vision, hearing, body mass index (BMI), height, weight, and more.  There will be over 40 different exhibitors at the event with different activities and special information.

All exhibitors are selected by the unique and interactive ways they promote community health, so visitors can be sure to meet with some high quality care providers.    So, if you have nothing to do September 14th or 15th, go check out the PATCH Health Fair and celebrate 20 years of Norfolk Area Health.

For more information about PATCH health fair go here.