Despite what people who don’t live here might think, Nebraska’s a pretty awesome place. We’ve got a wonderful community, and there are a ton of events that occur all over the state that are designed to help out a good cause. The one we’ve most recently been inspired by? Nebraska’s 9th Annual National Walk at Lunch Day! It’s held by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, and it’s legitimately as easy as it sounds. You register to take the pledge, and for 30 minutes during or around lunchtime on Wednesday (April 29th) you get outside and walk with your friends, your coworkers, or yourself.

In return, BCBS will donate $1 for every individual and $20 for every group that registers for National Walk at Lunch Day to the Nebraska Game and Parks Foundation and to Special Olympics Nebraska.

The details are simple, the event is fun, and the reward is awesome. We hope to see you out there! You can signup here!