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You might not love your radiologist as much as your cat (and you probably shouldn't, that'd be weird), but your radiologist sure does love treating you. Finding out what's troubling you so you can get better is their passion and purpose. Our radiologists want you to know that. If you still don't believe that they are similar to your cat then here are some reasons:

1. Sitting in the dark

Radiologists spend most of their days in a dark room examining X-rays. Cats also are known for finding the best hiding spots: closets, cabinets and bathtubs!

2. Staying away from people

Since Radiologists work in their offices, they are away from people except when meeting with patients. Cats are similar because many spend their days alone while their owners go out into the world - only to socialize for their feeding appointments.

3. They are intelligent 

It’s no secret radiologists are smart- they spend half of their life in school! Okay, not really but radiologists must first get their undergraduate degree, then go on to medical school and finally spend four years training on site to become a radiologist.  Cats are also intelligent!

Alright, maybe your cat at home doesn’t know how to play the piano but it’s true that cats’ brains are structurally more complex than a dogs brain! Just ask your radiologist. Cats are keen to observation and can sense what you are doing- just like a radiologist can tell if there is a problem with an X-Ray.

4. Both are loyal

Cats might not be friendly to strangers, but you can bet that they are extremely loyal to their owners. At night, they snuggle up to you and sometimes sleep on your head. Radiologists might nut snuggle up with X-Rays, but they are loyal to their patients. Many radiologists say they love interacting with patients and getting to know them.

5. Lasers

Alright, so this might be a stretch but cats LOVE laser pointers. Seriously- if you have a cat you need to try pointing a laser and see what happens. Cats go crazy trying to chase the laser and are fascinated by it. Radiologists are in the same way, fascinated by X-Rays! X-Rays use laser technology to examine the body.

6. Both are passionate

Cats play with catnip toys while radiologists spend hours focusing on helping patients because they love it.

At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, our radiologists make your health their top priority, while your cat likes to make himself your top priority. Our Open MRIs are big enough to fit you and your cat comfortably, so make an appointment if you're due for one soon!