Go Red for Women: Ladies Night Out!

 The 9th Annual Norfolk Go Red for Women event will take place this upcoming Wednesday, September 26th, 2012, at Divots DeVent Center beginning at 5 p.m.  The Divots DeVent Center is located at 4200 W Norfolk Avenue.  The event is being brought to you by the American Heart Association and their sponsors.

The night is sure to be informational and motivational, featuring the motivational speaker, Holly Huffman, as the keynote speaker followed by a survivor speaker.  The event will also include a silent and live auction.  Many people from the health and fitness industry will be in attendance to show women how to make certain lifestyle changes and how those changes will save their lives.

Holly Hoffman was born and raised in Eureka, SD and manages a cattle ranch with her husband Charlie, who serves as a representative in the state legislature.  Holly was on season 21 of “Survivor Nicaragua” where she was the last woman standing and came in 4th place.  Today, she travels around the world making appearances and motivational speeches to a variety of organizations and schools.  Robin Spence will be the survivor speaker of the night and she is going to share how she thought strokes only happened to “older people”, until it happened to her.  Hearing her story might have a big enough impact on you to take actions to help save your own life.

Go Red for Women’s mission is to fight heart disease in women.  They want to bring awareness to women and show them how serious heart disease is in our community.  While trying to inspire and inform women of this disease, they team up with health and fitness professionals to teach women concrete steps that they can take to become healthier individuals and lower their risk for heart disease.

Heart Disease is the number 1 killer in women, killing 1 in 3 women a year.  This means every minute, a woman dies from heart disease.  Inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, high cholesterol, and diabetes are the top risk factors contributing to heart disease.  Inactivity and obesity are the two highest factors causing heart disease.

However, the good news is about 80 % of heart disease and stroke can be prevented.  The American Heart Association made “Life’s Simple 7” list with 7 ways to help prevent heart disease and stroke.  The 7 things you can do for yourself are: be active, control cholesterol, eat better, manage blood pressure, lose weight, reduce blood sugar, and stop smoking.  Although some of them aren't easy changes to make, at least they are changes that you can control to save your own life.

Northeast Nebraska Imaging is proud to show support for the American Heart Association and their Go Red Women’s Night out Event.  For more information or to reserve your spot at the event please visit here.