Earlier this month, when the calendar turned to October, we were ecstatic about the start of breast cancer awareness month. Not only were we excited for everything to turn pink, we were also excited to bring awareness and fight against breast cancer with our bra decorating contest!

What contest?

At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, our bra decorating contest allowed participants to decorate bras and submit them for public votes. Our bra decorating contest entries were open to any office or individual that wanted to participate. We received numerous bras that were meticulously decorated from eager participants and photos were taken of each bra. We are proud to officially showcase these fabulous bras to the public!

 How does the contest work?

All pictures were emailed to our office. Once all the pictures are emailed we will post them on our Facebook page, where the bra with the most likes will win a cupcake party for their respective office! This is where YOU come in. We want everyone to vote or “like” which bra they believe deserves to win our contest.

Why do we hold this contest? 

We love doing this contest, because it represents what October is all about, which is breast cancer awareness. We bring awareness to the impacts that breast cancer has on all individuals, in a creative and fun way! So, let’s spread the word!

At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we want to encourage breast cancer awareness while having fun with the public. If you didn’t submit a decorated bra, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate now! Head to our Facebook page and vote on which bra you think deserves to win a cupcake party.