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One of the MRI's we offer at Northeast Nebraska Imaging is the brain MRI. Brain MRI's are done to detect concussions, cysts, swelling, and bleeding inside the brain. Most people getting a brain MRI are nervous and may be a little confused. That's ok! Let us walk you through a brain MRI. 


Usually, there isn't any special procedure for before your MRI. Even though it is a brain MRI, just go about your day as you would normally. 

At The Appointment

Get to the appointment on time to ensure that it won't take longer than it has too. You will be instructed to take out any metal or jewelry and to change into a gown. Then you will lay down on the MRI table and lay very still. Next, usually for brain MRI's contrast is used. Contrast is used to detect specific problems in the brain because it highlights key areas that could be hurt. Contrast is given through an IV and is often used in MRI exams so they are highly safe! After this, the exam will take 30-45 minutes to complete. 

Post examination

Unless you were sedated for the exam, you will be instructed to change back into your normal clothes and then you may pay at the front desk and then leave. It really is quite that simple! 

Do you need a brain MRI? Make an appointment with Northeast Nebraska Imaging today!