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Every person, in every profession, should be recognized for the amazing work they put into their field. For us, doctor appreciation day is more than just thanking our doctors for everything they do for us, but really learning why we celebrate the importance of doctors in the community.

When did Doctor Appreciation Day start?

Otherwise known as National Doctor’s Day, the holiday got its start on March 30th, 1933 by Eudora Almond, who was the wife of physician Dr. Charles Almond. She started it as a day to honor doctors in the city of Winder, Georgia. Over the years the day became more and more popular, and in 1990 the house and senate dedicated March 30th as National Doctor’s Day!

Why should we appreciate doctors?

Does this really need to be explained?! Doctor’s do so much not only for their patients, but for the communities, they inhabit as well. They help the sick get healthier, and work to prevent sickness and disease from spreading elsewhere. We are so grateful for doctors all around the country because they help people.

How do we show appreciation for our doctors?

You can do this in many ways. A simple thank you note to any doctor who has examined you in the past year, a gift card for your primary care doctor, or even a nice bouquet of flowers or food basket sent to your doctor’s office. These will make your doctor feel not only appreciated, but also important.

Why do we celebrate this holiday at NENI?

At our office, we try and show our radiologists appreciation all the time. Not only are they the glue that keeps Northeast Nebraska Imaging together, they help patients who are in need. And that’s always worth celebrating.

Now that you know how amazing doctors are, make sure to make an appointment with us at Northeast Nebraska Imaging. Our office takes special care of patients, and we treat them like family. Make your appointment by phone at (402) 844-8187, or online.