7 Ways To Be More Comfortable During An MRI

We understand that MRI's can be intimidating. Whether you suffer from claustrophobia or have never had an MRI scan, rest assured that MRI's are not painful or scary.  At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we stress the important of our patients in our services and quality care. If you're nervous for your scan, here are a few ways you can feel a bit more comfortable during your MRI.

1.)   Bring someone you love

Bringing someone you care for such as a friend, spouse or family member, can make you feel comfortable. Knowing someone who would do anything for you is sitting by your side will make you feel more relaxed than having no one. They are also someone nice to talk too, or they can give you positive encouragement as you are going through this process.


2.)   Bring a blanket or pillow

Bring a blanket or pillow for the procedure. You can put them under your back or knees to make you feel cozier rather than laying on a harder surface. If you have a younger child receiving an MRI, have them bring their favorite stuffed animal. It can be reassuring to the child during the procedure that everything will be ok. P.S, if you’re not a child it’s still ok to bring a stuffed animal, we won’t judge.


3.)   Have a nice scent

A nice scent will make you feel right at home. Bringing a lavender or vanilla scent that you can spray is proven to make a person feel calmer. An added tip would be to bring the air freshener you use at home so you can feel as though you are just laying on the couch in your living room.


4.)   Put some music on

Most of the time technologists will have a music app provided for you. Choose what you want to listen too, it can be calming or upbeat, whatever makes you feel the most normal. All you do is click on your favorite songs and then just jam out as usual! Be sure to stay still while you get an MRI, we don’t want any head banging in the machine.


5.)   Take deep breaths

Practice your breathing while in the machine. It can help you feel less stressed and feel like you are in a more serene environment. Breathe through your nose and out through your mouth, making each breath last about 10 seconds. Breathe in and breathe out.


6.)   Close your eyes

This is your time to relax and just close your eyes and not move. The technicians will take care of everything. Just lie perfectly still, and if it helps think of a peaceful place, such as a beach or your favorite piece of scenery. Just lose yourself in the landscape of your mind and the MRI will be over before you know it!


7.)   Talk to the technician

No matter what happens during the procedure, the technician is there for you. If you feel claustrophobic or complacent, let your technician know. They are there for you, their job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


We understand your concerns and will accommodate any needs you have while you are at our center. Open MRI's are the best MRI experience because they put the comfort of our patients first. To make an appointment, fill out this online form or give us a call.