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As a parent, you'll do anything to protect your littles ones, but kids are kids, and injuries can happen. It can be a lot to try and find a balance between giving your kid freedom, and being a helicopter parent. However, by knowing some of the most common injuries of children, it can help you be proactive in trying to protect them. Here's 5 of the most common injuries children experience. 

1.   Falls

Each year, approximately 2.8 million children had an initial emergency department visit for injuries from a fall. Many of these injuries depend on the child’s age, however for children less than 1 year of age, falls accounted for over 50% of nonfatal injuries. If you have young children, make sure you put gates up by any risk areas, such as around steps.

2.   Stuck By/Against an Object

Being struck by or against an object accounted for 22% of the nonfatal injuries among children 0 to 19 years of age. The nonfatal injury rate due to being struck by or against an object was 2,463 per 100,000.

3.   Motor Vehicle Injuries

This was the highest cause of injury for children 15 – 19 years old. Children can reduce this risk by always wearing a seatball. Parents should make sure teenagers are practicing safe driving habits. No parents want to get a call saying their kid has been in a car accident.

4.   Overexertion

This is one of the most understated injuries. Overexertion often occurs as a result of playing sports and other tasks where you push your limits. Ways to avoid injuries by overexertion, according to, are practicing good posture, strength training and stretching.

5.   Cuts

Children get bruises all the time from playing around, but sometimes they play too hard and end up cutting their skin needing stitches. Make sure to limit your child’s access to sharp objects that might result in injury.

At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we want you and your entire family to stay safe! We hope you can that knowing these 5 injuries will help keep your children safe. If your child gets an injury and needs an MRI, schedule one with us today!