At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we have seen all types of patients walk through our doors to get an MRI. There are tons of reasons someone would need to get an MRI, however, there are some highly common reasons to get an MRI.

Spine injuries

Definitely the most common type of MRI, when someone has a spine injury the first thing that happens is that they’re recommended to get an MRI. The MRI can show where the injury occurred, how severe it was, and the easiest way to treat it.

Brain abnormalities

When someone has severe headaches, dementia, or Alzheimer’, an MRI will be ordered. The MRI will allow the patient to see inside the brain’s various different sections. This can be specifically beneficial for patients with severe headaches, as radiologists can pinpoint exactly where their pain is starting.

Heart examinations

Usually, patients with heart disease, or heart attack survivors, will commonly get an MRI for their treatment. This is useful for them because after a heart attack, some of the chambers of the heart could be damaged. The MRI can take images of the heart to show the patient if anything is severely damaged. This helps patients with their treatment progress, because when they know there is something wrong they can make healthier choices to try and fix it.

Leg Injuries

You see it all over sports center, your favorite athlete is out for a week due to getting an MRI because of a knee injury. This is actually a commonality of our patients. Not only do patients see us for injuries of the knee, but also for injuries of the ankle, hamstring, and more. Sometimes, patients will even see us to get an MRI for strained muscles.


Even though these are common reasons to get an MRI, these reasons should not be ignored. If you are experiencing any of these, come see us for an MRI. Schedule your appointment online