Doctor Appreciation Day: Inexpensive ways to say thanks!

Today is Doctor Appreciation day and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to dedicate an entire day to each and every wonderful doctor out there. It’s easy to overlook, but doctors are our number one supporters and care takers. Without our doctors, who would we turn to whenever we had bumps, bruises, aches, serious conditions, and more? We rely on them for all of our medical concerns and it is finally our turn to show them how much we appreciate them. An easy way to show your doctor you appreciate them is by giving them a simple gift. We came up with a list of inexpensive ways to show your doctor that you truly care!

Candy to fill their sweet tooth!

We know it seems backward to give your doctor candy considering they’re the ones always telling you to kick the unhealthy habit, but trust us. It’s a cheap, nice way to show your doctor you were thinking of them. Everyone likes to have a tasty treat from time to time especially if you dress it up in this adorable doctor coat!

Who doesn’t love a witty mug?

Mugs can be super cheap, especially if you’re searching online. Try finding a witty mug like this hilarious one above! Your doctor will get a laugh out of it and will be able to actually put this mug to use. 

Doctor themed cupcakes!

If you’re more of a baker, definitely test your hand in decorating by trying this one out! You can get super creative and design each cupcake to your own liking. Any doctor will appreciate the time and effort that went into preparing this delightful treat.

Go old fashion and make a card!

Here’s a perfect example of a homemade card done right. You can create a thoughtful card for your doctor and list out why you appreciate them. Whether you want to just wish them a Happy Doctor’s Appreciation day or get a little more detailed, it’s up to you. Your doctor will definitely be thrilled!


It’s easy to show people how much we appreciate them, it just takes a little bit of time and effort. Our doctors selflessly help us and are by our sides to ensure we feel comfortable, happy, and healthy. Here’s a full day to finally return the favor and say thank you! From all of us at Northeast Nebraska Imaging, you are all amazing!