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At one point or another, most of us will experience something most people suffer from: back pain. Back pain plagues so many American’s and is one of the most common reasons patients will undergo an MRI. With so many patients suffering from back pain Northeast Nebraska Imaging thinks it’s important to highlight ways to combat it. Here’s the best exercises to alleviate back pain.

1.     Try a nice stretch

Stretching can help alleviate the feelings of pain that may spring up through out the day. One of the best stretches for lower back pain is knee to chest stretch. Simply lay on the floor, then grab your shins and gently pull them towards your chest. This will give your lower back a nice chance to recharge.

2.     Feel like superman after this exercise

If you do any ab exercises you may have heard of the superman move. This move helps with back pain by strengthening the muscles in your back. To do the move lay on your stomach with your hands straight out in front of you. Next, you’re going to lift your arms, chest, and legs at the same time. Repeat this movement 10 times to be on your way to a stronger back.

3.     Take a walk

Not only can stretches and body movement exercises help with back pain, but engaging in a walk everyday can help with back pain. If you don’t go on aerobic walks much then start off with small distances and work your way up to longer distances.

4.     If you have severe back pain, try something new

Doctors say that the best exercise for really severe back pain is swimming! Not everyone swims, but this could be an opportunity to try new activities. Swimming helps support the back because the water supports the body.

Now that you know the best ways to combat back pain make sure to utilize these activities into your daily life. If you want a closer look at your back pain an MRI might be for you. Make an appointment with Northeast Nebraska Imaging online, or on the phone at (402) 844-8187.