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The medical world is a strange one. There are so many different sub sections of care, and tons of doctors to choose from. How can anyone stay sane?! We know the medical filed can seem like a lot. At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we specialize in radiology. Not familiar? Let's learn more about the BEST field of medicine. 

What is radiology? 

Technically, radiology is defined as “the science dealing with X-rays and other high-energy radiation, especially the use of such radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease”. In order to become a radiologist, the doctor certified to practice all of this, according to The American College of Radiology, graduate from accredited medical schools, pass a licensing examination, and then go on to complete a residency of at least four years of unique post-graduate medical education.

Fun facts

Now that you know what radiology is, you can learn about some of the other fascinating facts. For example, the first X-Ray was done in 1895 by Wilhelm Rontgen. He was experimenting with cathode rays in his basement when he discovered he could see through his wife’s hand.

Another fun fact about radiology from the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute, the most common radiological procedures are x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound. If you are wondering what the differences are between each procedure, you are not alone. We will explain it!

What's an X-Ray?

An X-ray uses a form of electromagnetic radiation that is passed through the body to create a 2-D image of a body part or region. X-ray is especially useful in detecting muscle or bone problems. One example of X-ray technology that you’ve probably heard about is a mammogram.

What's a CT or an MRI?

What about CT’s and MRIs? CT scans are widely used for a variety of medical situations, such as detection of cancer, heart disease, and aneurysm. On the other hand, MRI is especially useful in detecting nervous system, joint, heart, and cancer-related diseases.

What about ultrasounds? 

Lastly, ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves and computer technology to generate “real-time” images of the body. Another name for this is a sonogram, and it’s often used in obstetric and breast imaging care.

Now that you know all about the field of radiology, you're an expert! Just kidding, radiology is a highly complicated field of medicine, but now that you know the basics, come to Northeast Nebraska Imaging. We specialize in open MRI's, and you can book your appointment conveniently online.