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Every 30 days or so, we all get the opportunity to start over. With each new month that passes, most of us just go about with our daily lives barely even recognizing the fact that the calendar flipped. What people don’t realize is that we are missing out on a great opportunity every month, that is to try some healthy habits that you never had tried previously. Let’s help change that for the month of March! Here’s 5 healthy habits to start this month:

1.     Eat healthier desserts

There’s a common misconception that if you are trying to be healthy then you can’t eat dessert. That is a HUGE myth! Of course you can have dessert, a person needs to splurge sometimes. However, it’s the type of dessert that needs to be eaten by more. Food items such as, dark chocolate, almonds, fresh fruits, and nut butters can easily be transformed into beautiful desserts that even the biggest sweet tooth will enjoy.

2.     Incorporate more produce into your diet

Yeah we know everyone says this, but it’s the perfect time to try and start doing it! A good trick that nutritionists tell their patients is that you should stay on the outside walls of a grocery store. This is primarily where the fresh produce, meat, and healthy dairy items will be at the grocery store. Once you get into the middle of the store and start traveling through the endless aisles is when you can get caught in a trap of unhealthy foods.

3.     Snack better

We all get swept up in the snack attack that hits a couple hours after, and before, meals. Indulging in unhealthy snacks is the perfect storm for eating more calories than you should. By snacking on, low fat cheeses, nuts, hard boiled eggs, and toasts that have extra protein, you will feel fuller throughout the day!

4.     Cut back on sugary alcohols

Settle down! We aren’t telling you to cut out ALL alcohol, just the extra sugary drinks. It’s ok to have few drinks at dinner, but drinks such as, margaritas, flavored liquors, and alcoholic mixers can pack in huge amounts of sugar and extra calories that you don’t need.

5.     Make a plan to actually exercise

Everyone has been in the position of not being able to get the willpower to hit the gym. Even though the thought of exercising can be really unappealing, it doesn’t need to be hard. Going on a brisk walk after dinner, or choosing to use the stairs once a day instead of the elevator, is a great way to incorporate more movement throughout your day.

A new month, means new opportunities to grow yourself into a healthier person. Taking these steps to a healthier lifestyle will ensure a better body, and less risk of disease in older age. Another way to be healthier this month? Get an MRI exam. Northeast Nebraska Imaging offers MRI scans at an affordable price, and you can schedule your appointment online.