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Doctors are a necessity in this day and age. We all need one but the real question is how do we find a good doctor? A good doctor is one that fits your needs and your families needs, someone who is responsive, and knows your medical history. Here’s some questions to ask yourself when trying to find the perfect doctor.

1.     Where is their practice located?

This is crucial especially is you’re busy at work or have the family to take care of. You don’t want a doctor who is too far away. Generally, you want the doctor’s office to be close to your home and no more than 15 minutes away.

2.     How’s the appointment scheduling?

Knowing if your doctor has walk in hours or takes same day scheduling is crucial for when flu season rolls around.

3.     Do they accept my insurance?

Obviously this is a no brainer. You want to go to a doctor that accepts your insurance or else what’s the point of having insurance? If you don’t have insurance find out what the out-of-pocket costs are because some practices can have way lower prices than others.

4.     Is the staff friendly?

You want an office staff that’s super nice and are actually glad to see you. You also want them to be understanding because you will inevitably miss an appointment or forget about that one piece of paper you forgot to bring with.

5.     What’s the office like?

This is really important when you have kids, but you must ask yourself about the atmosphere of the office. Is it safe, warm, and inviting? Kid friendly? All of this should determine whether you choose to sit in a particular waiting room in the future or not.

6.     Do they refer you to specialists or are do they do everything in house?

A lot of times primary care doctors will be just for primary care. When a certain situation arises they will probably refer you to a specialist. Make sure you know whether or not you want to be referred to different doctors or not.

7.     Is the doctor board certified?

The more qualified the better. You want a doctor who is board certified in whatever they may be practicing.

8.     Ask about the office policies

Depending on the office this can include how long it takes to make an appointment, how long you’ll usually be waiting, and how much time you get with the doctor one on one. These are all important factors when choosing between doctors.

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