How to make your child feel comfortable during an mri


An MRI can be a stressful experience at any age, but it’s especially stressful if your child needs one. Even though it’s a completely safe exam, it may be hard to help your child overcome the fear of entering the MRI machine. To ensure your child has the best experience possible, we have provided some tips to comfort your child during their MRI.

Bring A Book

Depending on how old your child is, bring their favorite bedtime story. While you are in the exam room you can read it to them out loud. This will make them feel more comfortable and maybe even help them fall asleep during the procedure.

Use A Toy Model

Ask your radiologist if they have any small models of the MRI machine. This can help them familiarize them with what the MRI will do and what will happen during the exam. Explaining the process to your child can help reduce their anxiety.

Bring Headphones

This can benefit anyone getting an MRI. Bringing headphones, preferably noise canceling, can lessen the stress of the noisy machine. Listening to their favorite music or TV show can help your child calm down by distracting them from the procedure.

Offer A Special Treat Afterward

Let them know that they will get something after the exam. Ice cream, a trip to the mall, a meal from their favorite place, all of these will work to reward them for going through the MRI. Giving them a treat after the MRI will help them not be so anxious the next time they need to get one.

Don’t let your child feel anxious or overwhelmed, utilize these tips the next time your child needs an MRI. If your child is feeling anxious about undergoing an MRI, inform our staff so we can provide our assistance. Our goal at Northeast Nebraska Imaging is for each and every one of our patients to feel safe, happy, and comfortable during their visit. We provide Open MRI technology that quickly and efficiently helps our radiologists diagnose problems while still providing greater patient comfort and an enhanced MRI experience. You can request an appointment online today!