There haven’t always been so many options at our fingertips as there are today. This is amazing because it forces companies, brands, etc., to be in competition with each other in order to provide the best product for customers. If you’re in the mood to watch a movie, you have thousands of movies to select from. It allows you to choose something that fits you and increases your chance to pick a movie that you actually like!

This is the same case for MRI providers. There are so many providers that you can choose from, which allows you to pick somewhere that is affordable, provides quality services, and allows you to have a pleasant experience. After all, if you can choose anyone why would you bother picking an MRI provider that wasn’t up to standards? We understand that we need to surpass our patient’s standards, and we believe we deserve your business! Here’s 10 reasons why we believe that we are the perfect MRI provider for you.

1. We’re under new ownership.

This means that we’re better than ever and have improved from our past. We’re always striving to provide you with better care.

2. We offer prior authorizations.

This means that we require approval from your health insurance plan which is a technique that minimizes costs!

3. We make things convenient for you.

Instead of having to travel around to numerous place, you can simply make one stop at our location. We want to ensure that our small community of Norfolk have a place to stop in and get their medical imaging needs taken care of.

4. You will receive your results within 24 hours.

Instead of having to wait a decent amount of time, we offer 24-hour reporting. Your results will be sent to your physician the next day!

5. We have unbeatable prices.

The national average for an MRI runs around $2,611. That’s a lot of money for one scan, which is why we offer an affordable option that is $499/

6. We offer same day scheduling.

Yes, that’s right. You can come in the same day if you’re in need of immediate scan. We understand that our patients can be time sensitive, which is why we decided to offer same day scheduling.

7. Our radiologist is local.

Typically, MRI providers have radiologists that lives far away. They are simply sent the scans and send back the results. However, that is not the case at NENE! Our radiologist is local.

8. We do not charge a reading fee.

Most centers will actually charge you for the radiologist to simply read your scan. However, we want to offer you affordable prices, so we cut this unnecessary fee out just for you.

9. We don’t make you feel like a number.

Our goal is to make sure we provide our patients with amazing service. That means quality care and customer service. We treat each of our patients with respect and care!

10. Our staff is amazing.

Our staff is the face of our company and it is important to have an accurate representation of our company, which is why our staff is amazing! They are hard working, caring, and friendly.

We could go on and on with reasons that we believe make us the best choice for you, but we’ll stop at ten. We know that you have so many options when deciding your MRI provider, and your provider needs to prove themselves to you before you make a decision. So, if you’re looking for an affordable, quality, pleasant experience, then make Northeast Nebraska your MRI provider. You won’t regret it!