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February 14th. The day of love, it’s coming up. For people who aren’t in relationships this holiday can be an annoyance that doesn’t end for the entire month of February. It can be a lot to deal with, but this year we want it to be different. On Valentine’s Day, we should all learn to love ourselves.

What do you mean?

We know you’re probably asking this question. It means accepting yourself for who you are, and making decisions that are beneficial for YOU. A lot of people on Valentine’s Day only focus on the negative, “Why don’t I have a companion, why am I not in the shape I should be, why do I feel unhealthy?’. These are all questions everyone has asked themselves at some point. This year let’s focus on the positives, and focus on ways to make those negative aspects in your life a positive.

How do I get started?

First off, you need to change your mindset. Switch your attitude from a negative outlook to a positive one. Something that helps with this is making a plan for Valentine’s Day. If you always get grumpy on Valentine’s Day, then do something that makes you happy. Whether it’s baking cookies, shopping, or taking a bath, treat yourself. If you usually feel lonely, call your friends to do something fun for the day. The company of friends will surely make you feel happy.

What else do I do to love myself?  

Other ways to fully love yourself on the VDay is to focus on your health. Make decisions that are based on healthy living. Ideas include, going on a walk, splurging on health foods, and making an annual doctors appointment. All of these will make you feel good physically, and mentally.

If you want to take loving yourself a step further, then make an appointment with us at Northeast Nebraska Imaging. We specialize in open MRI’s, and we guarantee you’ll feel better after visiting with us. Have questions? Call us at 402-844-8187.