cutest famous pets

Since we are doing a Valentine’s day pet contest (Pal-entines Day), we thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of our favorite celebrity pets. These dogs are all owned by someone in the entertainment business or the White House (Yes, the Obamas). They are all adorable, so without further ado, here they are!


1.     The First Dog - Bo

Not only is Bo the first dog on our list, he is also the first dog throughout the nation. That’s right, Bo is the Obama’s dog they received from a friend in 2009. Turns out, Bo has thousands of internet pages about him, and even a Wikipedia page where you can read about his history. Yep, Bo’s more famous than you!

2. Jennifer Aniston’s Dog Sophie

One day on Instagram, Jennifer Aniston (Friends star) posted tons of pictures of a day in her life. Two of these photos had her dog in them. In this picture, she is feeding a cucumber to her dog Sophie, who apparently loves them! Also, rumor has it that Jennifer spoils her dogs so much she even tries to give them anti-aging water (with few alkanes). 


3. Ellen's Kid

Ellen and her wife Portia kept getting asked by tabloids when they were going to adopt a kid, so they named their puppy kid. In a monologue on her show, she announced they have a Kid, who is actually this adorable puppy! Ellen has been an active supporter of animal rights and has adopted many dogs throughout her career.

4.  Josh Hutcherson’s Pitbull

You might not recognize Josh Hutcherson right away, but that’s because The Hunger Games star plays a blonde Peeta Mellark. Hutcherson adopted his dog Driver in 2012. Driver had been in bad conditions and was even missing two toes, but the Hunger Games star has been nursing him back to health ever since! There are even pictures of Josh carrying around Driver on the set of The Hunger Games.

5. Lady Gaga – Koji

Lady Gaga’s dog would be dressed up. This is a picture of her leaving her NYC apartment last Summer. Turns out that Koji (meaning little one) is a French Bulldog. Gaga also owns another dog (who is Koji’s brother) named Asia.

It’s safe to say that these 5 dogs will have their lives in the spotlight. Every bark and bite will be scrutinized, okay not really- but you get the point! The funniest part is that these dogs have no idea how many people love them. Pets make the perfect Valentine because they are always there for you and love you no matter what. Also, these stars don’t have to worry about if their pets are just using them for fame!