Patients are always asking questions. One of the most commonly asked questions, and apprehensions that patients have about MRIs, is how long do these scans last? Most patients want MRI’s to go smoothly, and efficiently. With different types of MRI’s come with different scan times. 

Which type of scan takes the longest?

Abdomen MRI’s usually take the longest with a typical scan lasting 90 minutes.

What scan takes longer a closed, or open bore MRI?

 Usually open MRI scans take a bit longer. This is because the open bore machine will take a couple minutes longer to get a clear image.

Which type of scan takes the shortest amount of time?

A brain MRI usually takes about 20-25 minutes. This is because the brain isn’t a huge area of the body, and images can be taken much easier than the abdomen.

How long does an MRI last on average?

Most MRI’s take about 30-60 minutes. This is common with most MRI’s, however, some MRI’s can take longer or shorter, depending on the patient.

No matter what MRI you are getting, always leave about two hours open in your schedule for your scan time. Want your appointment to be even faster? Make an appointment with Northeast Nebraska Imaging online, and complete the patient forms before you get to our office.