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At a lot of doctor’s offices there can be an expectation for patients to have insurance. For a lot of patients, insurance is a necessity. For others, health insurance is simply out of reach. At some imaging centers, not having insurance can be a major problem when a patient needs to get an MRI. However, at Northeast Nebraska Imaging if you have no insurance, it’s no problem! We’ll tell you why:

No insurance, no problem? Sounds expensive.

Well it’s not! We really do offer affordable low out-of-pocket prices to our patients. Most imaging centers, however, do not offer our exclusive low prices. That’s why it’s okay to not have insurance at Northeast Nebraska.

How can the prices be so cheap?

We offer super low prices through our partner SaveOn medical! SaveOn enables our patients for low prices compared to our competitors. It’s easy – All you have to do is enter your zip code and specific procedure into SaveOn’s search engine. There will be a list of imaging centers in your area that offer you the procedure you need. It compares prices, facilities, physicians, and accreditations which ensures that you are getting the best quality care possible.

So what are Northeast’s prices?

All of the MRI scans we offer are $499, but they are only available online! So if you don’t have insurance, make sure to book an appointment with us through SaveOn to get the lowest prices we offer.

Wow, those are low prices, but what insurances do you cover?

Yeah, we know they are low, but all of the insurances we cover are listed on our website. Remember if you have a high deductible plan you can also pay out-of-pocket with our listed prices as well.

At Northeast Nebraska Imaging we offer the lowest prices guaranteed, it’s simple. So if you don’t have insurance, don’t sweat! Getting an MRI doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you have any questions regarding MRIs, or procedure prices call us at (402) 844-08187, or just make an appointment with us online today!