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In the world of medicine there are TONS of options for a patient to choose from regarding their care. Patients have the chance to choose any facility and any doctor that they want. At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we understand that patients can go anywhere they please for their care. That's why we strive to be different than other imaging facilities. We do this because we care about our patients and their health. Here's why we are different than other facilities. 

We use Open MRI's

If you don't know by now, we use open MRI technology. Open MRI's are far superior to other types of MRI's. Open MRI's increase patient comfort by being open and not closed off. Open MRI's also have shorter scan times and can accommodate various patient sizes. Using open MRI's allows the patient to have another person in the room with them and be more comfortable and not as claustrophobic. With all these benefits, why would anyone choose anything other than an open MRI? 

Our prices are unbeatable

We accept health insurance just like any other doctor's office. However, for patients who may not have insurance or we don't accept their insurance, we offer MRI's at the lowest price in the area. All MRI's are $499! How do we get these prices so low? Our partner SaveOn medical helps us help our patients. 

We put our patients first

We would be what we are without our patients. That's why we try and make our patients lives easier. We put our patient forms on our website for our patients to print at home and bring to their appointment, which saves them time in our office. Also, we let our patients make their own appointments on our website. 

Our staff is the BEST

Not only do our board certified radiologists make our staff great, our MRI technologists and patient coordinator make NENI's world go round! They make our patients day a better one and will always go above and beyond to help. 

Northeast Nebraska Imaging strives to go above and beyond in the world of diagnostic imaging. If you have the choice, pick Northeast Nebraska Imaging every single time. Need an appointment? Book one online today!