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We know, getting an MRI is not the most exciting experience in the world. However, even though you can only sit still during an MRI, it doesn't have to be boring! Here are some ways to pass the time during an MRI. 

Be Your Own Concert

Let’s get imaginative. We’ve all secretly wanted to be a performer at one point in our life, that’s why we all sing and dance in the shower. Well, now is your chance! Put those creative juices to work and imagine yourself as the star of your own concert or even as one of your own favorite singers. I know Taylor Swift’s catchy songs come to mind for me. Sing and dance your heart out—in your mind, of course, no moving in real life!

Create Your Own Soap Opera

Who was the person that put you in the MRI? Don’t know? Well, make up their background. Imagine each of the people you saw in the office as a role in your very own soap opera. You can get as dramatic or hilarious as you want. Everyone loves a bit of drama and this will surely pass your time.

What Is Your MRI Saying?

If you haven’t had an MRI before, then get ready to hear some whacky sounds. MRIs are notoriously noisy and some have even credited it to sounding like a dubstep song. Imagine what your MRI is trying to say. Does it sound like your favorite song? A whale under water? Is it talking? Spend some time having fun deciphering those strange noises you hear!

Oh No, Don’t Think of That!

We all try to block out our most embarrassing moments, but maybe it’s finally time to think about of few of them. If they haven’t happened recently, then you’ll be sure to get a kick out of remembering that one time you had food in your teeth while trying to ask out someone for your senior prom. You’ll pass time by trying to pull up these memories and surely you’ll be laughing when you leave your MRI!

See? MRI's don't have to be boring! With these tips, you'll have a blast at Northeast Nebraska Imaging during your MRI scan. Need to book an appointment with us? Make an appointment online!