Penny Wars.png

We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our bra decorating contest! We had 17 participants in the bra contest, with our winner from PONCA Hills Health and Wellness Center claiming the grand prize!

Even though online voting for bras has ended, the contest isn’t quite over yet! We are having penny wars with all the bras that were entered into the contest.

How it works:

You can come by our office anytime from today until October 31st, to put pennies into the jars of your favorite bras! All of the bras featured on Facebook will be displayed with jars in front of them. Simply pick which bra is your favorite and put pennies in the jars! All of the pennies will be going to a good cause.

We love hosting the bra decorating contest not only because it’s fun, and creative, but because it brings awareness to an amazing cause: breast cancer awareness. We hold this contest to bring awareness to people who have breast cancer, and to go and get their mammograms. Mammograms are the best way to detect, and prevent breast cancer, however, most women don’t get an annual exam. Bringing awareness to women to get their yearly mammogram can save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Let’s help do even more good by bringing in pennies to 301 N. 27th St. STE 15 medical office north building to vote for your favorite bras, and bring awareness to a terrible disease called breast cancer.