Thanksgiving brings so much to be happy about; the weather, the food, football, and certainly family. For our radiologists, thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything there is to be thankful for. We could write a book on everything that is near and dear to us, but instead we’ll name our top four things we’re thankful for this holiday season.


We are thankful for our staff. We wouldn’t be able to operate without them. Not only is our staff the back bone of our center, but the office is never boring because of them. Honestly, they deserve to be thanked every single day, not just this holiday season. We’re so proud that they make Northeast Nebraska Imaging run as smoothly as it does.


We are thankful for our MRI machine. Without our MRI machine, we wouldn’t be able to serve our patients with the care that they deserve. Our machine let’s us see through the patients (literally) and makes our radiologists’ job much easier.  


We are thankful for our referring physicians. Another major thanks is in order for our wonderful referring physicians. Without these incredible physicians, who refer patients to our facility on a daily basis, we wouldn’t have met a great deal of our current patients and help them solve their problems.


We are thankful for our patients. Thank you to anyone who has stepped through our doors and has received treatment from us. We are thankful for you each and everyday. Without your constant support, we would not be able to serve you or the community.


This Thanksgiving, we were thankful for everyone mentioned above, and more. We really do have so much to be grateful for this holiday.