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Everyone knows that a medical office is absolutely nothing without their patients! There's a reason we have patients who keep coming back to us, and it's because we love and appreciate their business so much! Here's only a couple of reasons why we love our patients

1.     They Trust Us (And We Trust Them)

Trust is a huge factor in medical imaging, and we are so glad our patients trust our technologists and radiologists with their care! We also trust our patients. They tell us the truth about their conditions and how they are honestly feeling.

2.     They Make Us Smile

Whether they walk in smiling talking about the weather, or they tell us a joke while checking in, they are always making us cheer up. Sometimes being in the office can get a bit boring, but seeing our patients come in and leave reminds us why Open MRI of Northeast Nebraska is so important.

3.     They are Respectful

We rarely have problems with people not showing up to appointments. We understand emergencies happen and when they do, our patients make It a goal to tell us if they are going to be late or miss an appointment. This helps make it a faster process for everyone!

4.     They are Loyal

Many of the times, we see the same patients quite often in a year! Although we wish they didn’t have to spend their time at a medical imaging center, we are glad they chose us! We appreciate their business and think about their health!

5.     They Spread the Word about Us

Tons of our patients now like us on Facebook and some even follow us on Twitter. We love your feedback on those sites! Other patients referral friends to us, helping us grow even further! Another major win!

So there you have it! If you are a patient of ours, thank you for your continued support. We strive to be your #1 choice for all your imaging needs. If you're not our patient, book an appointment with us and see exactly why our patients love us, and vice versa!