Medicine is a tricky field to navigate there are so many sub groups of medicine is a lot to handle. There are doctors for just about every bone or organ in your body and each one wants you as their patient. When picking an imaging center, it is important to get a doctor that you trust and one that just feels like a perfect match. At Northeast Nebraska Imaging, we know we are the right choice for you and we want to tell you why.


Patient Appreciation

Any patient that comes to us knows that we appreciate you picking us as your number one imaging center. Even if you have never been to us before, we take the time to get to know our patients and the needs of them. We always will have a smiling face and will always be understanding of a problem you have. The patient comes first, always. Without you, the patients, we wouldn’t be able to serve the rest of the community.



We know that price is most patients first priority. Medical bills can stack up, we understand. This is why we provide our patients with the lowest prices in medical imaging. Also, we accept most insurances and will be happy to work with you to guarantee the most affordable price in the game.


Best Technology

One of the qualities that stands out far beyond our competition is the technology that we utilize. At Northeast Nebraska Imaging we are proud to use open bore MRI technology. Open MRI’s boast features that closed bore MRI’s don’t. They guarantee image quality, comfort, and the ability to bring a friend to an MRI appointment. These machines are open and will not make a patient feel claustrophobic. This technology is used to ensure our patients get the best MRI experience every time.


Amazing Staff

Last but not least, our staff sets us apart from other imaging centers. With several board certified radiologists, and incredible technologists, we are able to solve a patient’s symptoms and get them back to better health in no time. Our staff works together everyday so that our patients won’t have to suffer any longer.


All of this and more is what makes Northeast Nebraska Imaging the right choice for your imaging services. We promise to always be here for patients and do our jobs the best.