With the 4th of July weekend coming up there is a danger that comes with such a celebratory holiday. Fireworks are America’s pastime when celebrating the birth of our country, however fireworks are highly dangerous when not used properly. With all the partying and celebrations that are sure to go on all over the country, we wanted to remind everyone on how to be safe when handling fireworks.


Even though fireworks are considered to be explosives, they are fairly easy to get especially around this time of year. It is crucial to remember that kids should never be left alone with fireworks. Children should be supervised at all times when fireworks are present. As well as this, remind kids that even though fireworks are spectacular shows to look at they are also dangerous; local and state laws should be obeyed at all times.


If there are not going to be children around, still be aware of fellow adults. Drinking and fireworks do not mix. We know it’s the 4th and lots of partying will be going on, make sure that intoxicated individuals stand clear of fireworks and that a sober adult always handle the fireworks.


With this, make sure fireworks are always being lit outdoors and away from buildings or cars. If fireworks are lit too close to buildings, they could be flammable. Make sure there is a good 20 feet between the lit firework and any building or vehicle.


Also, be sure there is a bucket of water or working hose near where the firework is being lit. This is in case the fireworks get caught on fire or explode easily. Make sure when lighting the firework that you light them one at a time then quickly move out of the way of the firework. Be sure that all spectators are at least 20-30 feet away from the fireworks when they go off.


Once the fireworks are done lighting off, soak them with a bucket of water and dispose of them in a metal garbage bag away from anything explosive until the next day. If you have extra fireworks keep them away from children and in a safe place where they cannot get them.


All these tips regarding fireworks, will ensure a safe and happy holiday weekend as we celebrate the birth of our great nation. Whether you are watching a fireworks display or lighting them yourself we wish you a safe 4th of July!