Over the summer kids and adults flock to pools to find refuge from the hot summer sun. The swimming pool is everyone’s favorite summer memory. What comes with the fun in the water can come with some dangerous repercussions. Every year people die from being unsafe in swimming pools. For the inevitable pool days you will have with friends or family, everyone needs to be prepared and safe. 


1.) Enroll kids in water safety classes

    This one act can impact a child for years. It is proven if a child gets swim lessons and learns how to move in the water. Lessons are available in most cities at swim schools or by red cross. If kids know how to swim through the water than they will be safer in the long run. 


2.) Supervise at all times

    This one goes for kids and other family members. Older people are just as likely to drown or be an active drowner in a pool as a child is. As long as everyone is being supervised at all times this can be avoided. 


3.) Make sure the pool is clean

    Public pools have lots of people coming in an out of it each day. Make sure the facilities have proper filtration and chemical levels at all times. As well as this, if you have your own pool at home make sure everything is clean and up to standard. Hire a pool cleaning company if you don’t know how to do it properly. 


4.) Be CPR certified 

    Learn CPR and first aid, just in case anyone in your family has a problem in the water. This is something you should especially do if you have a pool at home. Most public facilities have lifeguards, but at home it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


5.) Use lifejackets

    If a child or someone, isn't a strong swimmer in deep waters use a lifejacket. Lifejackets have been proven to save lives. Buy a lifejacket and make sure it is on properly. 

These tips can be very useful for those long days at the pool. We want everyone to have an amazing fun summer in the sun!