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There’s a lot of things we love about Northeast Nebraska Imaging. Something we are known for is how we make appointments easy for patients. We do this by utilizing our online appointment scheduler. It’s so much easier than traditional phone scheduling.

Simply: go to our website, then click on the ‘Request an Appointment’ tab, and fill out the information. You put your preferred date, and time on the form, and viola! You have an appointment, it’s that SIMPLE. So simple, in fact, that we can save you a ton of time. Here’s a couple of things you could be doing with your save time from using our appointment scheduler.

1.     Make a home cooked meal

Instead of being on the phone with someone, you can be starting a home cooked dinner for your family. They’ll be happy that they have a nice meal, and happy that you made an appointment to come see us.

2.     Actually go workout

You always say you’re going to workout, but then life gets in the way. Get off the phone with us, and get online to schedule your appointment. It’s so fast that you can do it on the way to the gym.

3.     Make other appointments

We know other offices don’t have an online appointment scheduler feature. So you can use your saved time by making appointments at your primary care doctor, dentist, and auto shop.

4.     Go shopping

You saved time in your day because of us, yay! Celebrate by treating yourself to a little online shopping, I mean you’re already online so you may as well take advantage.

5.     Fill out your patient forms

We also save you time not only with our online appointment scheduler, but we save you time in our office. We provide you with the patient forms you need to fill out prior to your appointment. Fill them out and save time in our waiting room!

So you can see that Northeast Nebraska Imaging can save you a TON of time in your day. So why go anywhere else for your imaging needs? Call us today if you have any questions at 402-844-8187.