Your prime bone-building years last until your mid-twenties because your skeleton is still growing. This growing period provides you with the opportunity to build as much bone as possible to last a lifetime. The best exercises for building and maintaining strong bones are weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises. However, before you exercise you should stretch to prevent injury. Here are four stretches that will help improve your bone strength:

1. Standing Side Stretch

This stretch is simple but effective. Start by standing with your hands at your sides, then slowly bring your hands up above your head. Next, interlock your fingers above your head and sway side to side. This stretch will help strengthen the back and sides and make the hips stronger.

2. Forward Hang

This stretch gets rid of stress and also builds the bones up. First, interlock your fingers behind your back. Then, gently bend your body forward so that your arms are above your head. This stretch is also amazing for your arms and making sure your bones aren’t tense.

3. Runners Start

It’s as easy as it sounds. Basically, you bend down into a runner's start position. This will stretch out your lower body, this also promotes better mechanics in hip flexors for a better and stronger lower body.

4. Shoulder Circles

Arguably, the simplest out of all these stretches, doing shoulder circles will promote better stability in your external rotators which make it easy to do more intense workouts. With stronger shoulders, it’s easier to do various everyday tasks.

Northeast Nebraska Imaging encourages our patients to pursue active lifestyles. Stretching promotes healthy muscles, bones, and even blood circulation. Make sure to stretch before physical activity and throughout the day to give your bones the strength they need. Pair physical activity with a healthy balanced diet for better results.