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Spotlight Dr. Colligan

Spotlight Dr. Robert Colligan

Dr. Robert Colligan recently separated from Midwest Health Partners to start his own private practice, Foot & Ankle Doctors, PC.  Currently, Colligan serves patients as the sole physician at Foot & Ankle Doctors, PC located in Norfolk, NE.  Being located within Norfolk and the surrounding areas for over fifteen years, many would consider Colligan to be a valuable member of the Norfolk Medical Community.

Dr. Colligan, being a highly trained podiatric physician and surgeon is hoping that this new venture will prove successful.  His two main goals are providing the highest quality of healthcare to his patients and being able to treat all his patients’ needs.  Two of Dr. Colligan’s specialties are both conservative and surgical treatments, where he uses the conservative treatments to avoid unnecessary surgeries.

“I know the latest trends and technologies available, and I can make quicker decisions on where to steer the practice in the future,” Dr. Colligan said.  Colligan feels that he has a strong influence in his field in the Norfolk area and believes that his own practice will give him more control to care for his patients.

The new space that Colligan chose for his new practice is big enough for expansion in the future.  Colligan believes that in the future he will expand, because there is a huge demand in the area for the care that he provides in the podiatry field.  Although he looks forward to the future of expansion, he is taking it one day at a time, and enjoying his new practice.

Dr. Robert Colligan is a highly-skilled podiatric physician and surgeon and keeps expanding his knowledge in the field by attending many conferences around the country.  After receiving his doctorate of podiatric medicine from the college of podiatric medicine and surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, he went on to complete multiple residencies.  Today, Dr. Colligan is well-known in the Norfolk community for his expertise in the field and with his new practice underway he is able to provide his patients with the latest technologies available in the podiatry field.

Northeast Nebraska Imaging is proud to highlight such a prominent physician.  For more information on Dr. Colligan and his practice, please call 402-371-4690.  Their office is located at 110 N 37th Street Ste 101NorfolkNE68701.