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Save on Medical Allows Consumers to Use Price and Quality Transparency in Their Medical Search

Save on Medical is designed to allow the consumer to use price and quality transparency in their search for medical procedures and services. It is particularly beneficial for uninsured patients or patients in high-deductible health plans.

This is useful considering the staggering numbers of uninsured populations throughout the United States. The national percentage is 16 percent, with many states significantly higher. In fact, only four states have single digit percentages of uninsured citizens.

In Nebraska, the uninsured rate is as high as 13 percent, which is lower than the national average, but still only 16th lowest in the country.

Uninsured populations contribute to the average American family paying more than $4,000 out-of-pocket on medical expenses each year. Most of the time, patients pay hefty prices because they feel they have no other option. Or due to, as this recent Washington Post article points out, “…a health system that can set prices with impunity because consumers rarely see them — and rarely shop for discounts.”

The Catalyst for Payment Reform, an organization based in California, has sparked a movement towards increasing transparency after publishing a report card on their findings about patient access to transparency by state. Only Massachusetts and New Hampshire received A grades and only five states received a B grade, while 29 states received a grade of F.

Nebraska was among the 29 F grades.

This is where Save on Medical comes in. Save on Medical provides both price comparisons for procedures by office and service quality ratings on a “Docometer” scale of 1-100. It is the only program on the market to offer both price and quality transparency. Patients can then use the Save on Medical tool to schedule and pay for medical procedures online in one portal, simplifying the convoluted health care process.

All the patient has to do is go to, type in their city, the procedure they need and for which body part, and then search. A list will show the average price of the procedure in the area, in addition to a list of the top 10 closest providers and how much each charges for the procedure. The patient can compare prices and service quality, as well as search for specific features, such as evening appointments and bilingual staff. Once they have identified the office they want, they can book an appointment by creating a free account and pay online after their appointment is confirmed. It’s that simple.

Check out this video on how the Internet could change medical prices.