When should I get an MRI, MRI information, MRI info

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a diagnostic tool that produces clear images of the internal anatomy of the body and is used to detect abnormalities. While MRIs are one of the most accurate imaging devices in medicine, it can still be difficult to determine if you may be in need of one. Let us help you by highlighting what may qualify you for an MRI. 

Symptoms and Conditions That May Warrant An MRI

MRI’s can show a doctor various medical traumas, injuries, and diseases in the body. If you are currently experiencing symptoms, or have sustained any of the following injuries/conditions an MRI may be the right procedure for you.

-       Brain trauma

-       Stroke

-       Brain tumors

-       Spine inflammation

-       Spinal cord injuries

-       Heart aneurysms

-       Heart disease

-       Heart defects

-       Determining thickness of muscles around the heart

-       Structure of joints

-       Structure of soft tissues

-       Structure of bones in body

-       Broken bones

-       Torn ligaments/joints

-       Inflammation in the organs

-       Tumors in the organs

-       Information of the glands in the abdomen

An MRI can be a useful tool for a medical health professional. However, an MRI may not always be necessary. If you believe that you may need an MRI, discuss with your physician your symptoms and eligibility.

Northeast Nebraska Imaging provides our patients with Open MRI technology that quickly and efficiently helps our radiologists diagnose their problems while still providing greater patient comfort and an enhanced MRI experience. You can schedule an appointment by phone or online.