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Everyone knows that at Northeast Nebraska Imaging we love MRI's. They are what we specialize in, and the advanced technology helps our patients a great deal. What some patients don't know, however, is that MRI's come in a couple different sizes. But, at Northeast Nebraska Imaging we believe the best type of MRI is the open MRI. Here's why: 

What are the sizes of an MRI?

MRI's come in three different sizes: open, closed, and wide bore. A closed bore MRI has a smaller opening into the machine, this is a classic MRI and is what most people think of when a patient thinks of an MRI. It is smaller, and cause claustrophobic feelings in patients. A wide bore MRI has a wider opening than a closed MRI, but it still can make patients feel cramped while getting the scan. An open MRI has a wide opening that doesn't close around the patient. 

Why is an open MRI better? 

Where do we even start?! An open MRI has a wider opening for the patient to lay in during the scan. It is open enough for the patient to have a family member sit and hold their hand next to them. Also, open MRI's have shorter scan times, and can make for clearer images than a closed bore, or wide bore MRI. 

Why would I want an open MRI?

Patients who are claustrophobic should definitely consider getting an open MRI. Some patients who aren't even claustrophobic can get anxiety because of a closed bore MRI. The open MRI allows the patient to not be enclosed in a machine, and be able to talk freely with the MRI technician. Also, an open MRI allows larger patients to get the scan, whereas if they had to do a closed bore MRI they may not fit. 

So now you see why we love open MRI's so much! Once you experience your MRI scan in an open MRI you will never want to go back to normal closed, or wide, bore MRI's again! Need to schedule an appointment for your scan? Schedule with Northeast Nebraska Imaging online today!