With the swimming Olympic trials heading to Omaha at the end of June, we decided to feature the benefits of this intense sport that requires a great deal of dedication. From the likes of Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, and Missy Franklin taking over Omaha with their talent, we want to highlight what makes this sport so great for your health. 

   So what's the big deal? Why do doctors and health coaches all turn to swimming as one of the best sports for your body? Well swimming is an endurance sport, it requires a lot of effort and a great deal of dedication to get really good at. Swimming targets key muscles in the body especially the abdomen and leg muscles. Therefore, it is great for toning and strengthening your muscles. 

     With this, swimming also is amazing for heart health. Cardio is critical for a persons health, it keeps your heart healthy and keeps blood pressure low. Doctors recommend older people swim because of the healthy effects of swimming on ones heart. As well as this, swimming has low pressure on the body, the muscles or bones don't break because of the buoyancy of the water. This is especially good news for seniors who can't participate in other aerobic activities such as, running or rowing, because it is too painful on their muscles or bones. 

       However, swimming isn't only for the elderly, younger people can enjoy the health benefits of swimming as well. Not only is it good for the body, but it is fun for anyone who is competitive. It is one of the most competitive and intense racing sports there is.

      Doctors say swimming is such a great sport for your body because it combines cardio and strength training into one exercise. It strengthens almost every muscle and bone in the body all while being in the water and having your heart pump.

Don't know how to swim? That's ok! Doctors say that even walking or running through the water produces a lot of the healthy effects that actual swimming does. You can also do water aerobics or an aqua bootcamp at your local gym. Exercising in the water is so beneficial to your body because of the low impact on the muscles. Also, in the summer its quite refreshing!