Mother’s day is around the corner, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s the one day of the year that we are able to take a break from our busy, hectic lives and show our mothers that they are loved, appreciated, and admired. Whether your mother has passed away or is still with you, today is the day to either pay tribute to your mom or simply spend some quality time with her.

Without our mothers, it would be nearly impossible to function in daily life. They are the ones that we call on when we have a question, need advice, or simply want to have a laugh. Mothers are the ones that have been there since the beginning and we understand that being a mom is a pretty hard job. It’s not easy having an unpaid, 24/7 job without vacation! So, here’s a few reasons why moms are pretty amazing and deserve some extra attention on this Mother’s Day.

Thank you for raising your child as best as you can

As a mom, it is difficult to know if you’re parenting right. I’m sure there have been many times you have stopped and asked yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?” Whether it was grounding your child after they gave you attitude, or deciding to let your child know that you didn’t approve of their actions as an adult, it can be hard to show tough love. But, someone has to do it. Thank you for raising your child the best way you knew how.


Thank you for supporting your child

Throughout life it can seem like we are alone at times, but there is always one person in our corner that is rooting us on. Whether your child is in middle school dealing with bullies, or an adult dealing with moving away for the first time, supporting your child is the most important thing in their life. Having a mom that is always in your corner lets us know that no matter happens, we always have someone on our side. And that doesn’t sound so bad.

Thank you for being you

The ultimate thank you is thank you for being you. Each mom is unique and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. Our moms are our individual moms and no one can replace them. You are your child’s one and only mother and I can guarantee you that they appreciate you just the way you are. By being you, you are allowing your child to grow and blossom into a person that is similar to your unique style of being.

Everyone at Northeast Nebraska Imaging hopes that you have an incredible Mother’s day. Your selfless efforts of being a mother have earned you a huge thank you. Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and we are here to let you know how tremendous you are. Happy Mother’s to all the mothers out there! Keep being your awesome self.