How to prepare for your MRI

Phase 1: Day-of-procedure preparation

Step 1: Do absolutely anything and everything you would normally do during the day. There is no special day-of preparation required for undergoing MRI procedures.

Phase 2: pre-procedure preparation

Step 1: Arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

Step 2: Remove all metal and any other unregulated items from your body.

Step 3: Step into the incredibly fashionable hospital gown you are offered by out staff.

Step 4: Sit back, breathe normally, relax, and try to enjoy your scan! Ask for music, ask for company, ask for witty conversation…if you’re feeling uncomfortable or need ANYTHING, just ask!

Phase 3: post-procedure recovery

Step 1: Convince yourself to change back out of that fashionable hospital gown and into your normal clothes.

Step 2: Treat yourself to a milkshake, a shopping trip, or whatever it is that makes you happy, because YOU DESERVE IT! There is no formal recovery necessary for an MRI procedure, but who says you can’t milk it a little bit?